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Sony Classical - The Order: 1886 [2015] - Jason Graves

British Academy Award-winning composer, Jason Graves, has scored one of this year's biggest video game releases, The Order: 1886. Created and developed by Ready At Dawn Studios, The Order: 1886 launches exclusively for the PlayStation 4 system on February 20, 2015.

In this cinematic experience based on a tense and unique vision of Victorian-Era London, Graves delivers an extraordinary score that brings to life the game's alternate history, inspired by Knights of the Roundtable lore and Lycan mythology. Renowned for his BAFTA-winning score for Dead Space and the acclaimed Tomb Raider reboot, the classically trained American composer employs memorable orchestral writing and unique musical textures in The Order: 1886 to outstanding effect.

Graves masterfully combines cinematic sounds with action-packed cues, empathetic melodies, and powerful passages. Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, the score for The Order: 1886 deliberately eschews musical clichés, such as heroic French horns and excessive bombast. Instead, the celebrated composer makes use of an impressive choir of 24 men and low, bassy sounds - an elegant, all the more fascinating approach to a title that focuses on blockbuster gameplay and dramatic character performances.

This unique musical arrangement has a truly spectacular effect: Jason Graves' compositions emanate a warm weight that perfectly conveys the tense, industrial feel that colors the world of The Order: 1886. With its authentic acoustics as well as careful, original tone, Graves' music skillfully immerses players in the epic action of The Order: 1886, one of 2015's most anticipated video games.

Sony Classical to Release Original Soundtrack on February 16, 2015
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