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Lionsgate Brings 3 Films Home for you... SCARE, FIGHT and the MASTER!

FINAL PRAYER [DVD] - A team of Vatican investigators is sent to the British West Country following reports of paranormal activity at a remote church.  As the team begins to doubt its judgement, events take a darker turn, and it seems that something deeply sinister has been awakened.

GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS: UNDERGROUND [DVD] - Once the leader of the Green Street Elite – the top hooligan football firm – Danny has turned his back on the lifestyle, and the trouble that comes with it. When he gets a call that his younger brother has died in a fight against another firm, Danny returns to London to find the people responsible for his death. 
THE MASTER [DVD] - In 19th Century China amidst the corrupt Qing Dynasty, the people are suffering at the hands of greedy landlords, crooked officials and unwelcome invaders.  To bring his people together, Chen Xiang opens a martial arts school combining teaching techniques from both the North and the South.  When Chen refuses to join the armies of the Qing Prince, he seeks revenge on Chen’s school and family. To survive, Chen must rise up and fight to free his students and protect his home.  

What will you be watching tonight?
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