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Dirk Gently [2012] [1000 Units]

Dirk Gently [2012] [1000 Units]
Available: March 27, 2012
Released By: MovieScore Media
Composer: Daniel Pemberton

Daniel Pemberton is one of the most inventive and in-demand composers of television music in the UK, with two Royal Television Society Award nominations under his belt (for Occupation and Desperate Romantics).

His music for BBC Four’s drama series based on Douglas Adams’ cult classic ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ showcases Pemberton’s instantly catchy style: a score driven by a retro feel channeled through infectious harpsichord riffs and cimbalom melodies over a pop combo beat - as lifted right out of a 1960s detective TV show. Pemberton’s score is an ode to UK TV legends such as John Barry, Laurie Johnson and Roy Budd, but with a modern twist and it also features other quirky elements such as Wendy Carlos-inspired lo-fi electronica!

The series pilot attracted 1.1 million viewers when broadcast in December 2010. MovieScore Media’s CD release of the Dirk Gently soundtrack follows hot on the heels of the airing of the show on BBC Four and co-incides with the UK DVD release of the series on March 26.

01 Dirk Gently - Opening   
02 33a Peckender St, N1   
03 The Box, The Card and The Princess  
04 Rooftop Chase    2.36
05 Through the Prism Of Love   
06 The Holistic Detective Agency   
07 I Want To Invade Switzerland   
08 Being Followed   
09 A Little Rewiring   
10 Robbie the Killer   
11 On the Case   
12 It's All Connected   
13 The Murderer Awaits  
14 St. Cedd's Break In   
15 Birth of a New Intelligence  
16 The Penny Drops   
17 Schrödinger's Cat   
18 Rejected Video-game Love   
19 The Therapist   
20 Goodbye Max  
22 The Chase   
22 Repossession  
23 The Wrap Up 
24 Dirk Gently - Will Return  

It's a very electrical perky score, something you might hear from "A Clockwork Orange"... but here we are in the new century will this style hold up? I think so, I found it to be rousing and fun... I said perky all ready. Daniel Pemberton captures the beat and following adventures of the detective Dirk to a sharp point, where you will like it... maybe love it. I find that television shows need full releases because sometimes you only hear a click, where here you get the complete piece as it was intended to be heard.

-Jeremy [Two Thumbs]



DL Hammons said...

I enjoyed the snippet, but never heard of the series. Wrong side of the pond! :)

Anonymous said...

I have to find this. The DIRK GENTLY books were awesome. Thank you!