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Alien Tresspass - Is Coming...

Alien Tresspass [2009]

It was a summer night in 1957 in the quiet California desert town of Mojave. Local astronomer Ted Lewis (Eric McCormack) is making a special anniversary dinner for his wife Lana (Jody Thompson). A local diner waitress, Tammy (Jenni Baird) is in her trailer painting a horse scene while Dick (Andrew Dunbar) and Penny (Sarah Smyth) are necking at lovers lane. All are watching the light show from the annual August Perseid meteor showers when suddenly there is a blinding light and crash into the butte just outside of town. Ted attempts to investigate but Lana prevails in keeping him home at least until she falls asleep and he can sneak out to the crash site. In the meantime we see a gruesome alien creature (The Ghota) leaving the spaceship to slip away into the night. Soon after, a tall alien in a silvery metallic suit (Urp) appears from the ship. When Ted arrives at the butte he does not discover a smoking red-hot meteorite but rather a flying saucer imbedded in the hillside with its ramp down. He cautiously enters the saucer and is snatched up by the mysterious silver alien.

Townspeople soon start disappearing everywhere and the only remnant at the scene is a puddle of gurgling mud. Ted Lewis, having been body snatched by Urp, is now on the trail of the murderous Ghota. Urp, is actually a galactic Federal Marshal from another planet who was transporting the Ghota when his saucer crashed landed and the Ghota escaped. He needs to find and recapture the creature before it begins to divide or it will multiply exponentially until all life is consumed on planet Earth. After unsuccessfully trying to convince Lana to help him find the Ghota, Urp meets Tammy on the highway when she offers him a lift. Urp tries his best to convince Tammy of his plight and to help him track down the Ghota. But when they stop at an old derelicts cabin and find only a mud puddle of human remains, Tammy can take no more of the crazy talk and circumstances and leaves him in a huff.

The teens, Dick & Penny, are on their own track encountering first the Ghota and then the saucer, trying to convince anyone to believe them. Finally they tell their story in the diner to Tammy who now realizes that Urp was telling her the truth. She tries to convey this to the temporary police chief (Dan Lauria) who still refuses to believe there is any real threat, much less from outer space. That is until later when his senior deputy (Robert Patrick) is also dissolved by the Ghota.

The Ghota is now rampaging through the town dissolving people, cops (and even children) at will. Tammy encounters the Ghota herself while she is closing the diner and makes a narrow escape. Then comes the big scene in the local movie theater where Dick, Penny and Cody (Aaron Brooks) are watching the original 1950s version of The Blob. The Ghota appears at the rear of the theater and begins picking off its prey. All the patrons flee the theater except the teens who are trapped and now stalked by the Ghota. All seems hopeless until Tammy arrives and tries to help, only to become trapped herself with the teens when the Ghotas divided twin suddenly materializes.

Then from the curtain entrance a ray gun blast and then a second stunning shot. The Ghotas are down, but only in stasis as Urp arrives and saves the day. Time to load the Ghotas in Tammys truck and race to the butte so Urp can return Teds body and quickly depart in his spaceship with its deadly cargo.

But not so fast! Sheriff Dawson and an armed posse of townspeople are hot on their trail and looking for revenge. There is a showdown at the saucer where Tammy stands resolutely between Dawson, the posse and Urp. With an impassioned and compelling speech, Tammy convinces Dawson to put down his gun, let Urp repair his ship, take the immobilized Ghotas and depart Earth in peace. Dawson reluctantly agrees.

There is a tender goodbye between Urp and Tammy before astronomer Ted is returned to the delight of his wife Lana. Then plumes of smoke and the saucer lifts off to the amazement of the gathered townspeople.

In the closing scene, as Tammy is driving out of town in her battered pick-up on the way to her new life in Sausalito, she watches the saucer rising over the butte. It stops momentarily in mid-air as Tammy waves dreamily from the cab. The saucer wags a thank you and a final goodbye and then zooms up and away towards a welcomed return to outer space. A 50 year old new movie!

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