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Joshua Hoffine - Interview

Joshua Hoffine - Horror Photographer and More

What is your biggest and least fear?

Something ever happening to my children is my biggest fear.

Before I made BALLOONS, I didn't realize how widespread the fear of clowns is. I actually like clowns and have a hard time seeing them as scary.

Who are some of your personal influences, not in the horror field?

The photographer Robert Parke-Harrison. Old Warner Bros and Disney cartoons. Joseph Campbell. I also interned with Nick Vedros, and he had a big impact on how I like to light my scenes.

How do you find inspiration with your art?

I look for universal fears, things we can all relate to.

What is one of your largest projects, from start to finish?

LADY BATHORY probably took the longest. It took a long time to find a space where we could build the set. And it took even longer to find someone I could hogtie and suspend from the ceiling. I don't use a lot of Photoshop, so I'm not very fast with it - getting the blood right seemed to take forever.

If you could leave one thought about your life for a complete stranger?

Follow your bliss.

And last...

One word that describes you when you were 10 and now?

Light hearted

all images are copyrighted by: Joshua Hoffine

I would like to thank Joshua for being so kind and generous for talking with me, and i suggest you go to his website now. Not only will you see his work, but on his blog you can see all that went into each project. He was able to keep his inner child on the outside, and should be an inspiration to us all...

Thanks Again,
Jeremy [2vs8]


Scare Sarah said...

Very cool pics!

youngelfman said...

Man leave it to you to find something so awesome and demented. I love it! The pic of the wolf coming down the stairs is so cool!

Unknown said...

yes, josh invokes such a fear... i am drawn to it. very cool person to boot...

Anonymous said...

this guy must be a hoot at parties

Anonymous said...

thanks... good interview.