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Corey Haim - March 10th 2010

One day my brother and i with two other friends found ourselves on the set of "Lucas" back in 1985 and we just what kids do... get kicked off the set. Let me explain we were making friends and talking with everyone and at some point were asked to drive in the scene as an extra car while the actors walked to their car. We as kids said sure, no pay and no credit... just a car blip in the background. We were set and the action call was made and we drove into the take, and then bam we stopped mid shoot and yelled out to the actors "Corey Haim and Kerri Green"... Smile.
Got a few photos and sped off, here are those photos... As you could imagine wrecked scene and upset directors, we got the boot.

Corey, return to Neverland...

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