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Sneek Peek: The Walking Dead Season Two - Desktops

More Desktops From the me, GREAT SHOW! Everyone has a favorite character, whose is yours... I pesronally like "Dale", cause he still rights to do the right thing even though the world has given a bad set of cards from the deck.

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Penelope Crowe said...

Hello fellow hopper!

So glad I was able to visit your site! :) I am visiting from the Coffin Hop--I am # 63-- and happy to take part in this hop also. This Halloween I will be dressing as a swashbuckling pirate. Two of my favorite scary books are The Witching Hour and Let the Right One In. A fave movie is Bram Stoker's Dracula. I love this time of year--we get to indulge in a bit of darkness. Please hop over and visit me if you like at where I am giving coupons to your choice of my books and you can enter and win a NOOK! Thanks and hope to see you there!