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Celebrating composer Ramin Djawadi's timeless fantasy score, over the six series, with all new classical arrangements ushering the full power of an 80 piece symphony orchestra and choir.

Described by AllMusic as a "triumphant score that reflects the care involved in the entire adaptation", Ramin Djawadi's magnificent and eerie soundtrack is the crowning achievement in TV music. Starting in 2011, Djawadi penned much of the Season One score for a small string ensemble, filling it out with synthetic pads and percussion. Over the course of the next six seasons the music budget got bigger and bigger to match the ever-increasing viewing figures the show was enjoying.

Game of Thrones really is a television phenomenon. HBO’s epic small screen adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s series of fantasy tomes continues to draw in record audiences around the world, and shows no signs of slowing down. Indeed some 8.9m people tuned in to the Season Six finale in the US and with repeats, recordings and on-demand viewings taken into consideration, it is estimated that Game of Thrones enjoys an average of 23m viewers per instalment. With a whopping thirty-eight Emmy Awards (and counting), this series remains the darling of prime-time pay TV. With so much music created for the sixty episodes producer Rick Clark had to choose wisely, and the particular cues and themes the album does highlight, lend themselves beautifully to this symphonic re-imagining.

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Produced by Rick Clark
Score conducted and arranged by Evan Jolly
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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