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Carlos Antonio León - Bio

Carlos Antonio Leon was born in a small village called "El Alto" (the tall) located in the mountains that surround the city of Valera (in Venezuela). At early age, Carlos Antonio moved to Caracas, and after finishing high school he enrolled in an Acting School called "taller de Investigacion Teatral Luz Columba" (Center for Acting Research, called today CIFALC, which expanded its services to the city of Miami). At 21, Carlos Antonio was already producing his own Fashion shows while co-hosting a fashion segment for the State TV Station (VTV) in the morning show "Mujeres" alongside Susana Duijm (Miss World 1955). Guided by his acting teacher, Nelson Ortega (director of CIFALC), Carlos Antonio starred in three major plays: "El Juego" (The Game), "Juegos Inocentes" (Innocent Games) and "Todos Queremos Ser Rey" (Everyone wants to be a king). Carlos Antonio mixed his theater activities with modeling and was featured in TV commercials, catalogs, and Fashion shows. He also participated in high-rated soap operas in all of the major Venezuelan TV stations. Carlos Antonio became known for many years as an impersonator and his performances became not only very popular in and out of Venezuela but the most requested by music festivals, discotheques, private clubs, and so forth. He received many awards for such performances and was a regular in the hottest variety TV shows of the time such as "Maite," "Tu y Yo con," "Fantastico," etc. He also became the leading dancer for the TV hit "La Tropa de Vacaciones" (RCTV-first season). Carlos Antonio lives between St. Louis (Missouri) and Miami (Florida). Besides acting, Carlos Antonio also finished his Masters degree in Social Work at Washington University. He also was the co-host of a local Missouri TV show called "Enterate," which aired through My46TV (MyNetworkTV). In 2007 Carlos Antonio was chosen to play "Lazarus," a Latin vampire in the award winning indie sensation "Shadowland" for Pirate Pictures. He later acted in a short indie film titled "PIED2K," a burlesque comedy for MarketProductions. In 2009, Carlos Antonio played the lead in a new comedy directed by award winning director Luis Armando Roche titled "De Repente, La Pelicula," which was filmed in Venezuela. Mini Biography By: Michelle Gonzales 

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