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Shadowland [2010] DVD - Gets Released...

Okay, what can I say about this film that has not been said before "Shadowland" has received a mountain of positive feedback from websites to blogs to film festivals. So I ask you again what can I say that would encourage you to check this film out , that gets it's DVD release on November 30th.  So I will start be giving you my thoughts, without necessarily giving it a review... It is classified as a low budget horror film and this is true to some degree, it is much more than you can imagine.  
"Shadowland" is not your typical horror film about vampires or is it not low budget... just ask the makers of the film.  They spent countless hours and financial resources trying to get their film made, so they did what they had to in order to making this work.  Creatively written and crafted to have it's budget limitations to be challenged, and with great success it gets achieved.  Using the elements around them, not the over graphic bombardment that many of the films try to do.  No here it uses a story, a story that left me saying "damn that was a creative take" on a tired vampire story.  If you want to watch "Twilight" go watch it, but please do not compare "Shadowland" to it or any other vampire-styled films.  It stands on it's own and deserves to watched as it is to entertain, and that it does. I have all ready asked if there might be a sequel, and I was told by the success of "Shadowland" will most certainly be considered.

Get over to Amazon or any other distribution outlet and watch this film "Shadowland", you will enjoy it too.
I wanted to thank all those who contributed interviews [Wyatt Weed, Carlos Antonio León,  Jason Contini] and to Gayle Gallagher who help pull all of this together... One more surprise will be coming...

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