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Shadowland @ Chicago Comic Con [Part I]

Photos by: Stephen Scott Photography

If you would have told I would have made some great friends at the "2010 Wizard Chicago Comic Con", I would have told you no way.  Here it is a few months later and I am still making these friends, friends....
The Shadowland Cast were line deep in autographs and I never even heard of this film, so I wasn't going to wait in some long line for this group of people.  I did meet the producer Gayle and she was so happy to tell me about this film and I exchanged info, figuring I would do a little blurb of a post as I do.  What a nice group of people and me kicking myself for not sticking around longer.  They are touring to help promote the film, and to find out if they are coming near you check out their up to date info on facebook:

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