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Know the Rules of "Stripperland" [2011]

Stripperland [2011]
What could I possible say about this movie "Stripperland" that would make you want to see it, brought to you by "Cheezy Flicks"... is there anything that would tempt you? 

 What does it have, Zombies... YES! 
Does it have women Stripping... YES!

 Are there famous people in it... YES!



But what can I tell you to make you want to see it "They just want to eat you, nudity is not a good thing" it is a nice rip-off of Zombieland. It puts the "B" in B-movie and these are the kinds of films you are not suppose to take to serious, if you want that go watch "Green Fried Tomatoes. Here you get crazy strippers bitten by the zombie bug, though we are not to clear why [maybe I missed it].  Who cares, it is just fun and fun is what a movie should be about, will you leave learning about how to save the world from this type of zombie attack? Maybe?  Just ask Daniel Baldwin...

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