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Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut! [June 14th, 2011]

The Color of Black & White
If you think you have seen the "Midnight Movie", wait until you experience it in the "Killer Cut" as it will to jump off the screen into your home. As the story unfolds from the grimy black and white travels down a dusty dirt road, into one man's unfortunate reality of the monster he holds inside. Where there is color and that color is red as the unsuspecting  movie goers sit watching history relive itself in the form of a movie not seen by the public in years.

  Jack Messitt’s award winning horror film can finally be seen as it was intended. With new and enhanced visual effects, never before seen footage and extended scenes, what called “a true modern day horror classic” just got better. With an “atmosphere that oozes dread” (, Midnight Movie is “a gory and fast paced good time” (
  It was just another rundown movie house in a small suburban town -- what better place for a midnight screening of a true cult classic? But this isn't your typical horror film, because five years earlier, the director and star of the movie made a bloody escape from a psych ward and may still be on the loose.
  When the film starts to roll, the heckling begins. But when one of their friends is viciously murdered in the very movie they are watching, laughter gives way to fear as the horrified audience realizes that it is no prank.

When they try to run, they realize that the same psycho they just saw on the silver screen has trapped them all in the theater. With no hope of escape and their numbers thinning fast, the survivors must figure out a way to turn the tables on the very same killer that they once rooted for in the cult slasher flick. Caught between reality and the screen's flickering shadows, they become the unwilling stars of the very horror movie they were watching.

All new and enhanced visual effects, never-before-seen footage and extended scenes, you might find yourself asking, "is this only a movie"? I say that "Radford" should be hailed and accepted into the slasher hall of fame with such characters as Freddy, Jason, Michael, etc.

So if you want a good time and a solid film with a Leatherface meets Jack Slater type of feel I point you to seeing "Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut!" As I had been talking with director Jack Messitt over the last several months about the re-cut, "trust me you will like it"... I say hell yes, I did... though I didn't like it, I loved it...

I would like to see "Midnight Movie II: Radford's Revenge... cause remember there is a theater near you and that heavy breathing on your neck might not be your date. I will always look at the seats around me... thanks Jack forever making it not just a movie theater anymore.

Jeremy [iZombie]


Anonymous said...

Soon I'll be the proud owner of The Killer Cut. Amazon sales just went live and I've been anticipating this recut for quite some time. I loved the original, but knew it had unrealized potential, and I'm thrilled the director had the chance to actualize his vision. More Radford can't be a bad thing, especially with better effects and added development. Can we get a Radford's Revenge campaign going?

youngelfman said...

I have mine and it is awesome - the vfx are VERY COOL. I love the idea MIDNIGHT MOVIE II: Radford's Revenge - come on Jack Messitt! Hear the cry!