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MovieScore Media: "Calibre" by Anne Nikitin

Co-inciding with the Netflix premiere of the film, MovieScore Media prepares another trip into the world of chilling dramatic suspense scoring with Anne Nikitin’s Calibre, a score whose most haunting elements emanate from nature itself. Written and directed by Matt Palmer, Calibre has been described as the Deliverance of the Scottish Highlands, a film about man facing nature in an unforgiving duel. Jack Lowden and Martin McCann star as two friends going on a weekend hunting trip to the Scottish Highlands, but their excursion soon takes an unexpected turn.

"I wanted to immediately capture the dense and remote landscape, and the feeling of an ancient, primal force running through the Highlands” explains Anne Nikitin about her score. “I chose the sound of wind mixed with wailing vocals and solo strings to be my main instruments – to create a cold, oppressive feeling of isolation - with music and nature intertwined. I wanted the score to feel like the omniscient narrator – the music weaving in and out like a commentator who knows the secrets of the past and the present, and which slowly emerges to the forefront as the narrative becomes more oppressive.”

Anne Nikitin is a Canadian composer based in the UK. Her debut into film scoring came when she wrote music for the BAFTA-winning film The Imposter for director Bart Layton, which she followed up with the director's latest heist movie, American Animals. Her other recent credits include Captive, a thrilling 8-part Netflix true crime series and This Beautiful Fantastic, a modern day fairytale which was nominated for a Music+Sound Award for Best Original Composition in a Feature Film, and a Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Independent Film Score.

The soundtrack has a digital release date of  June 29, 2018.On the link below, you can view a video, featuring a suite from the score: [CLICK HERE]
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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