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Netflix: "SECRET MAGIC CONTROL AGENCY" music by Gabriel Hays

Today, Netflix releases the new animated film Secret Magic Control Agency with a score by Gabriel Hays (Disney's Star Darlings). The animated feature comes from Wizart Animation and CTB Film Company.
Combining the unlikely music of fantasy and spy genres, Hays created an epic score full of adventure, discovery, uncertainty, and MAGIC.
"As a fan of classic spy movies and great fantasy movies - as well as their scores - I was quite drawn to the blending of the two genres in Secret Magic Control Agency,” Hays said about composing for the film. “It’s pretty unexplored territory. From a musical perspective, I was excited to figure out how to blend the swagger of spy movies with the whimsy of fairytales. I had a lot of fun pulling them together.”
Hays adds, “The extra twist that I was especially excited about was that the top agent at the SMCA was Gretel. I mean seriously, what’s cooler than a female secret agent? My two daughters would certainly agree. Until we get a Jane Bond, we have Gretel at the SMCA."

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Secret Magic Control Agency follows Hansel and Gretel of fairy tale fame — now acting as secret agents — using magic, clever thinking and teamwork on a mission to find a missing king.

Gabriel Hays is a composer, songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles.  
Fascinated by blurring genres and twisting sounds, his music pulls on his experiences writing chamber music and playing divey clubs. He loves combining elements of the orchestra with tactile soundscapes created by an ever-growing collection of synths, vintage instruments and processors.  
He is most well-known for writing music for animation including numerous Disney projects such as the As Told By Emoji series, Star Darlings and Whisker Haven. He has also contributed music to numerous other animated series, including Puppy Dog Pals (Disney), Pickle and Peanut (Disney), We Bare Bears (Cartoon Network) and Voltron (Dreamworks) among others.
On the dramatic side Gabriel has written for films, TV shows and documentaries including Half the Sky (PBS), A Path Appears (PBS) 7 Deadly Sins (Showtime) and Travis (Amazon) among many others.
Beyond music for media, Gabriel is a co-founder of the Images Salon series which had their debut concert featuring the fantastic Lyris Quartet on March 2, 2020 right before everything changed.  Gabriel debuted his dynamic new piece there’s not even enough room to be anywhere.  
In addition to his work as a composer, Gabriel has worked with a wide variety of producers, artists and songwriters including Akoya Afrobeat, Gabriel Roth, Joe Blaney, The Batterie, Chris Lind, Mieka Pauley as well as his own Shortwave Sunshine.  
He got his start in film scoring in Los Angeles working as an assistant and arranger at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions.
Originally from Santa Fe, NM, Gabriel has an MFA in composition from NYU and a BM from Denver’s Lamont School of Music.
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