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Disturbed...this little piggy wants to play

Just arrived in sultry Puerto Rico, straight-arrow medical researcher Claire (Lauren Cohan) is excited to see her fiancé Jack (Shaun Sipos) after a six-month separation. But Jack has changed – his eyes have been opened and his cozy assumptions challenged by his time in the field working with the poor of Puerto Rico, and by fiery local beauty Yara (Moran Atias) and her fiercely jealous lover Hector (Jon Seda). Jack’s not sure he wants what Claire wants anymore.

Having their ‘uber-successful’ and sexed up friends, Sam (Arielle Kebbel) and Vince (Tad Hilgenbrinck), along for the trip doesn’t give them much space to work out their problems. But the lovers’ distress is magnified a thousand fold when they find themselves abandoned on a deserted island by the suspicious Hector – and confront a horror born of vivisection, human experimentation and madness.

An unrelenting, terrifying youth-horror movie in the vein of The Hills Have Eyes and Wolf Creek. The film is a suspense-driven story of twisted experiments, animalistic rituals and survival at any cost. It combines the character-driven thriller elements of The Strangers with the gruesome, nonstop carnage of The Descent. Disturbed is slated to start shooting in Puerto Rico this year.

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