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Shadowland - Actress: Caitlin McIntosh

 I promised you one more surprise and I did not let you down, the lovely star of the film "Shadowland"... Caitlin McIntosh. Playing Laura in this story of love and life, she makes her way to just remember... remember something to help make her feel at home. I once again want to thank Gayle, Wyatt, Jason, Carlos and Caitlin for giving me the chance to know them a little better as they bring you "Shadowland".

[2vs8]: Tell us about you and your career, when did you know you wanted to act or model which do you prefer more?

Caitlin McIntosh: I always wanted to be a model growing up.  I used to try to pose like a model in family pictures, but they just looked like a kid looking off to the side.  There is one picture that my brother in law Quinton, holds hostage for blackmail.  The whole family refers to it as "sexy mustache girl".  I'm in a yellow dance costume laying on the floor trying to have a sexy face with white crew socks on and the McIntosh family mustache!  I think being called mustache girl and dog face by kids in school made me want to model. 

[2vs8]: How did it come about you came to work on "Shadowland" and what were your first reactions to being offered the role of Laura?

Caitlin McIntosh: I went to my agency to audition for a one-line part, but when Wyatt, Gayle and Bob saw me they asked me to read for Laura.  Mind you my resume at the agency was a picture that was seven years old, so when they saw me as a 20 something they asked me to read for Laura instead.  I never really expected to get any work so when I was offered the part I screamed and jumped up and down like a fool.

  [2vs8]: What is something about you that people do not know, but you think to yourself... why someone has not ever asked?

Caitlin McIntosh: If I didn't model, dance or act what would I do instead?  I have always wanted to be a writer or lawyer.

[2vs8]: Outside of acting/fitness/modeling what brings you the most joy, and could you tell why this is?

Caitlin McIntosh: This is an easy one!  I never knew unconditional love until I had my daughter.  She is the light of my life and spending the last two tears raising her has been the most memorable and life-changing experience I have ever had.  Being with my husband and daughter, sitting on the couch together and watching Ice Age is her favorite thing.  It is in these that I know there is nothing like being a parent.

[2vs8]: Working with the director and cast, what is something you will always remember being part of "Shadowland"?

Caitlin McIntosh: I will always remember having lunch on main street in St. Charles and reenacting the t-rex that says "I have a big head and little arms", I think we were really tired because we laughed for an hour.
   I'll try to summarize a few memories; being slapped, ripping my shawl jumping out of the carriage, kissing Carlos (oh yeah baby), hearing "action" and running away from Jason in the mini and then hearing cut because he killed the clutch (you you I love you buddy!), almost getting ran over by Gayle, freaking out about a mic chord swinging from my shirt on a 98 degree day, Rachael and her great work giving my lip "the gangster", running, being covered in mud, being sprayed down in cold water while wearing mud from head to toe, covered in mud at night then wrapping myself in plastic to stay warm, running, my nightgown and how it started smell by the end, running, having Wyatt direct me so that I didn't look like a fool, running, the extremely hot summer we had and wearing black pants, boots, a pleather jacket, scarf and black leather gloves, running.....I could go on for days.
   I have so many great memories from working on Shadowland I'm not sure where to start.  Everyone was so nice to me from day one I felt at ease right away.  Everyone who participated in this movie was true professionals and I felt honored to work with everyone, cast and crew.

[2vs8]: Who Inspires you?

Caitlin McIntosh: My sister inspires me.  I have always seen her as smart and strong.  She has lived her life and has never let anyone down.  I don't know anyone more dedicated, driven, determined and strong willed than my sister Kerri.  I have made a lot of mistakes in my life and my sister is always there for me.  I aspire to be like my sister one day, a success at everything.

[2vs8]: Worst and best part of "Shadowland"?

Caitlin McIntosh: Worst: The mud... Best: 1897 scenes were some of my favorite.

[2vs8]: Since the majority of the film "Shadowland" revolves around Laura, did this put extra pressure on you?

Caitlin McIntosh: ARE YOU KIDDING?!?! I was a $@!%ing mess!!!!  I had never acted before, I was completely green and I had to make sure not to let anyone else down, especially my co-stars Jason and Carlos.

[2vs8]: What are you working on now... sequel?

Caitlin McIntosh: We aren't working on a sequel yet, but one day we hope to.  Right now I'm playing the role of mom and it's the best improv anyone will ever do!

[2vs8]: What scares you?

Caitlin McIntosh: I have an over active imagination so being outside in the woods scares the crap out of me.

[2vs8]: Best thing a fan has said to you, that brings a smile to your face... either it be the film or any other work you have done?

Caitlin McIntosh: I love all of my fans that have supported me through Shadowland and I love you all!
   I have a very distinct memory that impacted me greatly, but it happen quite a few years ago now.  I was giving my first speech as Miss Missouri Teen USA 2000 at my old grade school.  I was making a reference to our high school and a huge hill in front of it.  I said that high school is tough and that with each passing year at school you can choose to go up the hill.  At the top of that hill is the school which represented success, and at the bottom of the hill is where all the smokers and kids who skipped class hung out.  I told them it was tough, but making the right decisions would take you to the top of the hill and you could succeed at anything.  After I was done talking I had a little girl walk up to me, tug on my sash and say "I'm going to go up the hill".  I never knew who she was, but I will never forget that moment.

[2vs8]: Three words that describe you best?

Caitlin McIntosh: Goofball, caring, strong.
[2vs8]: Last thing... it is 200 years from now, what do you want to be remembered for?

Caitlin McIntosh: Motivating people to succeed in what ever it is they wanted to accomplish. Raising a daughter that lived her life with no regrets.  And for making people smile and laugh.

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