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Tron: Legacy... Final Thoughts

First, I want to say that "Tron: Legacy"  brought me back to a time I once had forgotten, and I found myself on the edge of the seat.  Not knowing what to expect from this sequel to a film more than twenty-five years in the making, but I was pleased and hope that more films can come out of this. Okay I am getting ahead of myself, it had new disc trials, light cycles, and the sea of simulations... now if you have not seen "Tron" [1982] you may be a little lost.  I am sure you will get the chance to see it, if you can go rent it... it will clear up some of the mystery.  

It picks up a few years later from the first film and all is right in the world of Flynn sort of, but you knew that... cause if there was not a plot, you would not have a film.  I would love to tell you more, but I am not a spoiler, and just suggest if you are a fan... you must see this on the big screen.  Jump forward to the present and the idea of a good company gone bad over the years, needs a reboot. Okay I am jumping to the world of the computer, and that is where we spend the good majority of time.  Skipping around is what I have been doing, as the film does and techno-speak they give you... and ask you if you are a program or a user?

I plan on seeing this again in the movie house, cause it was beautiful dark, and brilliantly bold... I was happy when I left.  I love films with a challenge visually, there is many things to see... and... end program.


Jenny Krueger said...

Not looking forward to this movie.

Unknown said...

i think it is more of a dude movie, my mom and wife didn't like it all that much... they saw how much it made me happy... and dealt with it...