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Lionsgate: Deadbeat [DVD]

The supernatural comedy series Deadbeat arrives on DVD (plus Digital) August 26 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Starring Tyler Labine (TV's "Reaper") the show also features Brandon T. Jackson (Tropic Thunder), Lucy DeVito (TV's "Melissa & Joey)and Cat Deeley (the host of TV's "So You Think You Can Dance"). From the production company that produced 12 Years a Slave and Kick-Ass, Deadbeat has been declared a "disarmingly funny" (Variety) and "hilarious and heartwarming" (New York Post) comedy.  Available exclusively at Target, the Deadbeat DVD includes three bonus featurettes.

Kevin Pacalioglu (Labine) may have no money and no clue, but he can see dead people, so that's pretty cool. Faced with a constant stream of stubborn spirits, Pac goes to whatever lengths require the least amount of effort to help New York City's most frivolous ghosts finish their unfinished business.

I must tell you, this is my favorite show that I never knew existed until I watched the DVD, I enjoy the talents of all around good guy "Tyler Labine".  If you watched the show "The Reaper" and you laughed or watched "Dead Like Me"... you will too enjoy this.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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