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Composers of "BioShock", "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture", "Dead Space", "Forza 5", "LittleBigPlanet 3", "Remember Me", "Shadow of Mordor", "Tomb Raider", "Transformers: Universe", "Volume" to explore the art and craft of writing and producing music for video games

LONDON, United Kingdom (August 19, 2014) - Game Music Connect organizers today revealed all remaining undisclosed sessions for the second annual international video game music conference which returns to The Purcell Room at London's Southbank Centre on September 24. The final sessions to be announced include a high-powered roundtable discussion, "Score To Studio", featuring top industry executives, audio directors and talent agents on the process of orchestral contracting, as well as two star-studded composer panels (with audience Q&A) addressing a wide variety of issues pertaining to the art and business of composing music for games. Full programme details are now online at

Game Music Connect is for aspiring and professional composers of all backgrounds and those interested in learning about the art and craft of creating today's cutting edge video game soundtracks. Featuring interviews, practical demonstrations and roundtable discussions with some of the world's leading composers, music supervisors and audio directors, tickets are available at

The final sessions to be announced for Game Music Connect 2014 include:


What skills and qualities do Game Music Connect's guest composers feel are required to work in the games business both now and in the future, and how did they get started? Our maestros review their own personal journeys into scoring videogames, discussing their inspiration and influences, and reflecting on the nature of their day-to-day working lives, comparing and contrasting with writing for linear media.


Garry Schyman (BioShock series, Shadow of Mordor, Destroy All Humans!)
Jason Graves (Tomb Raider, Dead Space series, Murdered: Soul Suspect)
Jessica Curry (Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Dear Esther)
Olivier Derivière (Assassin's Creed IV Freedom Cry, Remember Me, Of Orcs and Men)
Richard Jacques (LittleBigPlanet 3, James Bond 007: Blood Stone, Mass Effect)
James Hannigan (Transformers: Universe, Dead Space 3, RuneScape 3)
David Housden (Volume, Thomas Was Alone, Catcha Catcha Aliens)
Chair: John Broomhall (Forza Motorsport 5, Transport Tycoon)


Commissioning and recording orchestral music for videogames 

Today's top tier of orchestral videogame music features production values par excellence - exquisite scores which greatly enhance the gaming experiences they populate as well as delivering a compelling musical vision often imbued with a powerful sense of artistic integrity. Naturally, composers enjoy the limelight, but behind the scenes lies a complex commissioning and delivery process employing a small army of executives, audio directors, talent agents, orchestral contractors, conductors, musicians, recording staff and implementators. "Score To Studio" will pull back the curtain to reveal how this extraordinary machine works highlighting the particular challenges videogame projects present compared with other entertainment media.


Steve Schnur (Worldwide Executive, Music & Marketing, Electronic Arts)
Darrell Alexander (CEO of COOL Music Group)
Tom Colvin (Senior Sound Designer, Microsoft / Audio Lead, Ninja Theory - Heavenly Sword, Enslaved, DmC: Devil May Cry)
James Hannigan (Transformers: Universe, Dead Space 3, Harry Potter series)
Chair: John Broomhall


An open forum for wide-ranging discussion and audience Q&A about the art, science and business of game music - day-to-day working practices, relationships with game teams and music integration, general terms and conditions of business plus the likely challenges and opportunities for composers of music for games in the months and years ahead.

Speakers: Darrell Alexander, Garry Schyman, Jason Graves, Jessica Curry, Olivier Derivière, Richard Jacques, James Hannigan, Tom Colvin, David Housden Chair: John Broomhall Game Music Connect is created by BAFTA and IFMCA award-winning composer James Hannigan and noted game audio director, composer and industry commentator John Broomhall, to celebrate and explore the music of video games together with the extraordinary talent behind it. Featuring interviews, practical demonstrations and roundtable discussions with some of the world's leading composers, music supervisors and audio directors, tickets for Game Music Connect 2014 are available at

Game Music Connect 2014 is proud to be supported by BAFTA, Sony PlayStation, Electronic Arts, COOL Music and Classic FM.

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