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Silva Screen Records: THE WHITE QUEEN - John Lunn

Composer John Lunn’s soundtrack to the major BBC TV adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s best-selling trilogy.

Set against the backdrop of The War Of The Roses, this riveting story of the women caught up in the ongoing conflict for the throne was aired in the summer 2013 and has since gatherer a strong worldwide following. The lavish and costly 10 hour series, co-produced by premium US TV cable channel Starz was sold worldwide and a second series is under consideration at present.

Scottish composer John Lunn is famed for his Emmy award winning scores for Downton Abbey but his 25 year career as one of the UK's foremost writers for music in television is equally glittering right across the board. Major credits include Hamish Macbeth, Murder In Suburbia, The Street, Criminal Justice, Hotel Babylon, Waking The Dead and Shetland. Classically trained, his music covers a unique range of styles and its subtlety is underlined in this extravagant production.

Performed by The Brussels Philharmonic conducted by John Lunn.

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