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Co-inciding with the 15 year anniversary of MovieScore Media, the label is excited to take the next step in terms of their digital distribution strategy by teaming up with Symphonic Distribution. With this partnership, MovieScore Media widens its world-wide digital distribution and increases its promotional activities in a music consumer environment where streaming and conceptual playlist curation have become key elements in running a succesful label. The first new album to be released under the new partnership is launched on January 29, 2021, with the brand new Netflix action thriller Below Zero, scored by Spanish composer Zacarías M. de la Riva, a long time MovieScore Media artist.

“Interestingly, the label started out as a digital only outlet in 2006,” commented MovieScore Media founder Mikael Carlsson. “That may have been a little too early, and we soon realized that CD distribution had to be a part of the business model. Now, in the year 2021, time has finally caught up with the initial MovieScore Media approach and digital distribution is by far the most important from a business perspective. Once upon a time, film music albums were geared primarily towards either fans of the movie itself, or fans of the composer. With the new playlist infrastructure, film music can reach completely new audiences, such as fans of the neo-classical crossover genres, or fans of retro synthwave music, just to name a few examples We look forward to work with Symphonic to reach these new fanbases who thus will discover the wonderful world of film music.”
"We're delighted to be in business with Moviescore Media," added Nick Gordon, Chief Client Officer at Symphonic Distribution. "As huge film buffs as well as a music company, their model and repertoire is truly exciting and we're looking forward to working closely with them." Headquartered in sunny Tampa, Florida, Symphonic is one of the leading independent music distribution and marketing companies in the industry. Founded in 2006 by former music producer Jorge Brea, Symphonic provides thousands of new and established record labels, managers, and artists with global digital music and video distribution to hundreds of retail and streaming platforms, playlist pitching, release promotion, and a comprehensive suite of label services.

Apart from acquiring the full MovieScore Media back catalogue of nearly 500 albums, among the upcoming album releases coming from the label via Symphonic’s distribution are Christopher Wong’s "Camellia Sisters", Gavin Keese’s "What Lies Below", Anne Nikitin’s "Mrs. Wilson" and three new albums with MovieScore Media regular, Panu Aaltio. 

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Interesting they were all digital before it was a thing. Now that's all most people want.