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What's Going On?

So Take A Look At Me Now
So it has been a busy month and I am behind the proverbial eight ball again, but I wanted to let you know some of the cool things that are going on. I finished all of the interviews with "Zombies and Assholes" crew and I wanted to thank all those who gave me great 21q's. I built my site for my ebook "CHATTERBOX" and getting some great feedback, which I couldn't be more happy with the support. Tomorrow I will be participating in the "Star Trek As We Know It Blogfest" hosted by the lovely Trekkie lady Ellie G, so come back on Monday to see all the fun.

I have a interview on me over at: "ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE" and I will be guest hosting soon at: "ALEX J CAVANAUGH" where you might get to know me better, or at least the voices. I have started a art store where you can take a look, maybe something will interest you so click "SOCIETY6" to find out more.

I also have some more interviews and 21q's coming soon with some top notched musical group, composers, directors, actors, artists and almost... almost got the confirmation with one of the most recognizable actress in the horror world. More stuff coming from "HOWLIN' WOLF RECORDS", great friends to me and supporters of this site.  So I hope you stick around and check back often, cause it's going to get hot in here... so bring some ice.
-Jeremy [2vs8]

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Looking forward to hosting you soon! I missed your interview though - will go read now.