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Silva Screen Records: "HUMANS SERIES 2 & 3" Music by Sarah Warne

Humans is a multilayered tragedy set against a familiar near future backdrop. The series explores mankind’s ambivalent relationship with fast developing technology and examines race, sex and gender roles.

Series 3 starts with a leap, it is exactly one year from Day Zero, the mass Synth awakening that concluded Series 2. Mattie Hawkins’ decision to upload the code was immediate and catastrophic resulting in a loss of one hundred thousand humans lives. Clever and high energy, the Humans story line once again revolves around the Hawkins family narrative, weaving in big questions, moral, scientific and political.

Sarah Warne is one of the UK’s most exciting emerging young composers, contributing original music to TV scores, film scores and art music, more than 100 projects in total. Films, that she has written music for, have been screened at international festivals including Cannes, Toronto, New York and Berlin. Her art music has also been performed live in various top Venues, in the UK at The Barbican Centre and The Roundhouse.

In 2017, Sarah scored the BAFTA nominated Channel 4 True Crime series Catching A Killer, the feature documentary She's French and hard-hitting BBC documentary Girls On The Edge. Other credits include series 2 of ITV thriller Prey, starring Sean Bean and BBC documentaries, Treasures of Ancient Greece and Kate Adie’s Woman of World War One.

Sarah frequently works with Installation artist Rupert Newman. As a duo, they create multi sensory digital installations, which interact with architecture & 3D textile designs. Their work has been exhibited at The Rook & Raven (Soho, London), The House of St. Barnabas (Soho, London), Kricket Pop Up (Brixton, London), The Tramshed (Shoreditch, London), and also in France, Italy, and at Portugal’s Boom Festival.

*All music composed by Sarah Warne except Tracks, 8, 9, 10, 14 composed by Sarah Warne / Cristobal Tapia de Veer

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