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MovieScore Media: "Lancaster Skies" by James Griffiths

MovieScore Media once again teams up with James Griffiths (The Drift, Dogged) to release the composer’s soaring score for the wartime drama Lancaster Skies. Co-written and directed by Callum Burn, tells the story of Flight Lieutenant Douglas Miller, a former solitary Spitfire ace and a veteran of the Battle of Britain. After the tragic death of his younger brother, Miller transfers to Bomber Command. In the days leading up to a perilous mission over Berlin, Miller must overcome his past and become the leader that his troubled crew so desperately need. The digital release by MovieScore Media is to be followed by a physical release by Quartet Records.

“Lancaster Skies is a movie that is very much about the crew, the people, the families” explains the composer. “I chose to compose a score that pays tribute to the service men and women, friends and families who ether have first hand experience, or have relations whom were part of this hugely important historical period, and astronomical loss of life in Bomber Command. Being an ex military musician myself, I called in a handful of friends and former colleagues.  Serving and Ex Serving members, and the finest professional musicians of The Bands of The Household Division.  These musicians were key to my traditional Orchestral and Military Wind Band approach.  Musicians who know how to play in this style and really evoke the story.”

James Griffiths’ first feature film score The Drift was a finalist at the Music and Sound Awards 2016, was nominated for The Siren Award for Best Original Composition in a Feature Film and won Best Surprise at the Soundtrack Geek Awards. Apart from continuing his exploration of the Starlight Universe in Darkwave: Edge of the Storm, Griffith’s recent credits include the Gustavo Sampaio’s action short GAIA, the British cult folk-horror Dogged as well as co-composing Trent Haaga’s 68 Kill with Frank Ilfman.

The soundtrack has a digital release date as of  Februrary 22, 2018 with a physical release planned for Quartet Records.  On the link below, you can view a video, featuring a suite from the score:
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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