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KRONOS RECORDS presents the soundtrack to Jorge Ramírez-Suárez's 2017 drama LA GRAN PROMESA. Sergio, a Mexican war photographer, must steal his daughter after being snatched by a legal trick. But while he gets caught up in this muddle, his boss steals credit from a photograph taken in Somalia that would make him a prize winner.

The score to this beautiful film is the work of the very talented Mexican composer Rodrigo Flores López who has penned a very personal, emotionally charged score, alternating between the sweet and the melancholic.  The composer manages to infuse and charge this film with even more depth and emotion. Rodrigo Flores López is responsible also for all the orchestrations and also kind enough as to write the foreword and notes for this CD.  Wheras conducting was done by the veteran Gavin Greenaway, who has conducted many award winning films and has worked with many of the most prominent soundtrack composers of our times.  Recording done at Air Studios in London. []
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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