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KRONOS RECORDS and ALHAMBRA present the soundtrack to TNT Comedy's ARTHURS GESETZ (Arthur's Law). Arthur Ahnepol (Jan Joseph Liefers) is a desolate man whose unhappy marriage wracks him as much as the boredom of everyday life. Arthur decides to bring his wife's life to an end - and with life insurance, a fresh start would be possible. But, befitting the unlucky person that he is, every problem he solves on his way to make his dark dream come true brings with it new problems ...

The music for this dark comedic series is composed by Christoph Blaser, who manages to make this already fun series into a really good one thanks to his quirky tunes. No wonder this series is being marketed so well outside its native German market. The show will be premiering in the USA in a few weeks. []
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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