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Fourteen Kings Music: "TRAUMA THERAPY" music by award winning composer Scott Glasgow

Fourteen Kings Music will release soundtrack to TRAUMA THERAPY featuring music by award winning composer Scott Glasgow.  LA group of broken souls attend a self-help seminar at a remote wooded retreat with a famous guru. In search of better lives, they must confront their deepest demons in the midst of their fellow wayward strangers. As they get pushed further and further by the program, they begin to confront their personal problems. But as their group therapy sessions become increasingly volatile - including lie detectors, fire arms, and experimental drugs - they begin to question the methods in spite of the results. What is their guru's real goal, and will his reckless pursuit of life change moments end up saving them...or destroying them?

A note from the composer: The score to TRAUMA THERAPY is an unapologetic synthesizer based score with some light use of strings, harp and percussion. The main impetus when starting this project was the fact that a new hardware synth (Korg Minilogue) was purchased for my studio many months before but had not found a project to be used on. When the producer, Tom Malloy, approached me about scoring the film my one comment to him was “as long as I get to use this synthesizer” (which I believe I sent a few examples of the sound to him). That was the only thing I started with before the picture showed up. then came the development of a few musical ideas mostly for the piano heard in the score. There is one main set of “ introspective” chords that shift from minor to major depending on the scene. There is a secondary “ optimistic set of chords” and a synth “motive” that returns often.The use of cello in the opening title was more of an after thought and in fact I had two other ideas, one with erhu however in the end the cello version was selected by the producers as the best choice. For much of the score, there is a lot of layering of synths — pulsing, bubbling and churning through as drama unfolds and the story intensifies. One of the stand out cues, Target Practice, incorporated the well known musical phenomenon called a “shepard tone” which has this constant rising tension that never feels like it resolves. By the end of the score a more orchestral thriller sound takes over with these plucked strings played into a “WW II Bunker” (thanks to Bunker Samples) for a unique ambience also merging with the synths. Many of these synth textures were created using software and some were created using hardware like the Korg Minilogue also the Moog Minotaur (the squishy bass lines). If you hear something a little out of tune or a little less consistent flow that is usually the hardware synths which for anyone who has been around these instruments knows they change every day with their knob turns and organic way of tuning. I decided that I liked inconsistencies with the hardware synths because it resembled more of a performance like a ensemble of musicians— never really playing the same way twice so if you hear a synth sweep that doesn’t sound the same each time— it’s not, because it is me twisting the filter sweep knob by hand not automated or perfected by a computer. I embrace these unique instruments in the score to TRAUMA THERAPY. 

ABOUT SCOTT GLASGOW: Award winning composer, Scott Glasgow has scored over 25 feature films for various studios from Sony Pictures to Lionsgate. Scott's musical scores range from scary orchestral violent sounds to soft sweet romantic comedy melodies having written in almost every genera of film, TV and other media. Scott has also written additional music on major features such as Captain America: Civil War for Marvel / Disney Studios, video game / 3D VR game music to broadcast / streaming TV shows. Scott has been working professional as a composer for media since 2005 with his first film for Sony Pictures Chasing Ghosts which featured a live orchestral score.

Fourteen Kings Music was founded in 2017 by composer Scott Glasgow as a way to release new and unreleased film scores of his own and then later expand into highlighting other composers. The releases will include soundtracks for film or any media music, classical music, as well as original “concept albums”. Many of the releases will include both digital download and streaming with also physical (CD) albums. This is a small independent label and we hope that you will love the music as much as we love making it. In hope that you support us by helping to spread the word in social media.

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