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Wellgo USA Entertainment: "THE LINGERING" [BLU-RAY/DVD] and the GIVEGAWAY!

Just in time for Halloween, prepare to be terrified when THE LINGERING debuts on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, DVD and Digital October 15 from Well Go USA Entertainment. First time feature Directors Ho Pong Mak and Derrick Taoby have crafted a tale of a mother and son haunted by a malevolent spirit on New Year’s Eve.  Years later, the son returns to find the ghost is still there ...   THE LINGERING stars Athena Chu, Louis Cheung, Bob Chang, Terry Zou, Lee Fung, Wei Lai and Yao Tong.  Bonus materials include a “Making-of” featurette. 

Dawa and his mother spend a terrifying night alone in the basement after being tormented by a strange and dangerous presence. Years after his mom’s death, Dawa is forced to return, again facing the presence that once tortured him as a child. Country of Origin: China. Has a run-time of approximately 87 minutes and is not rated. 

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