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Lakeshore Records: "WE BELIEVE IN DINOSAURS" music by Kate Simko

Lakeshore Records will release the Original Score to the critically-acclaimed documentary We Believe in Dinosaurs, written by DJ, music producer and London Electronic Orchestra leader Kate Simko (20 Weeks, BananaLand). The album is now available for pre-order and will be released digitally on December 13th. The documentary was released by 1091 on November 19th and is available on digital platforms and On Demand. Additionally, We Believe in Dinosaurs will air on PBS’s Independent Lens on Monday, February 17, 2020.

“We Believe in Dinosaurs is a film about creationism, conflicting ideologies, and America’s troubled relationship with science. The score uses analog synthesizers, like the Moog Voyager, to symbolize modern science and technology, alongside delicate synth tones, strings, and live violin to underscore the sometimes heated emotions the film. We are living in a highly polarized moment in American politics and culture. This is a soundtrack to these times—exciting and fast-paced, yet challenging and conflicted. If you haven’t seen the film, I hope the music still reflects this underlying feeling,” says Kate Simko.

The composer worked closely with the director to bring the score to life: “Working with the director, Clayton Brown, on a second feature was a truly collaborative process that pushed me as a composer. Clayton’s vision is crystal clear and he understands the power of music in film. We communicated scene-by-scene about the emotions and deeper meaning to be reflected through the music.”

Kate Simko is a composer, leader of her ensemble London Electronic Orchestra, and an internationally touring live performer and DJ. Lyrical, driving and funky, her music is influenced by her Chicago roots and her background in piano and jazz music. Kate’s hybrid electronic-orchestral sound with London Electronic Orchestra blends synthesizer and live instruments, complemented by deep bass, sound design and classic analog drums.  

She completed a Masters in Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music in London in 2014 and received her Bachelors in Music from Northwestern University. Upon graduation, Simko moved to Los Angeles where she worked with Academy Award-winning sound designer Stephen Flick, gaining her first experience in feature film composition. She has released multiple albums and soundtracks, reaching the Top 100 in the Billboard Classical chart, as well as the Top 10 in house music charts worldwide. Her music has been licensed by ABC Television, Victorinox, and Giorgio Armani, and she has written original music for films, commercials and shows featured on the BBC, Netflix and PBS.

Kate launched her innovative ensemble London Electronic Orchestra in 2014, with the core touring group featuring harp, strings and Kate on keys and electronics. LEO has performed at venues and festivals worldwide - including the Royal Albert Hall twice - releasing their debut ‘Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra’ album on The Vinyl Factory in 2016. Kate and LEO teamed up with UK DJ Jamie Jones to create a full-orchestra hybrid collaboration ‘Opus 1’. The duo sold out the Barbican Centre in London in November 2018, with 90 minutes of music arranged for a 28-piece LEO orchestra by Kate. 

Simko scored her first feature documentary, The Atom Smashers, in 2008. The score was released by Ghostly International and received recognition as a standalone ambient-electronic score. Since then, Kate has gone on two score a number of projects, including the feature-length documentary BananaLand and an indie drama 20 Weeks.

Kate’s distinctive sound continues to inspire listeners across the globe. 

Jeremy [Six Strings]

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