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Intrada: "LEGENDS OF THE FALL" (2CD) music by James Horner

Intrada's latest release from composer James Horner is one of his grandest works -- the 1994 western Legends of the Fall. Horner graced Legends of the Fall with no fewer than five broad, sweeping themes that recur throughout the picture, writing almost all of the score in the key of D major or related keys. The film was directed by Ed Zwick, with whom Horner previously collaborated on his magnificent score to Glory. After Zwick discussed the score and heard Horner's final product, Zwick commented, "All I can say is that somehow James managed to distill all these lofty conversations into a score that is at once brooding and lush, redolent of both love and loss, and that touches that secret place of awe I had experienced only once before—upon my first reading of Legends of the Fall."  Not that the score isn't without its moments of action, including a brilliant moment where Horner lays down the theme for Tristan on strings and horns over a bed of propulsive rhythm. It all combines to create an epic score and one of Horner's finest.

While the original CD release was a generous presenation of Horner's score, this new presentation expands the program considerably, filling up two CDs, including 35 minutes of alternates.

The film tells of a two-generational saga—filled with loss and desire—involving Col. William Ludlow (Anthony Hopkins in the film), a renegade with a moral stripe; his distant wife, Isabel (Christina Pickles); their three sons: Alfred (Aidan Quinn), Tristan (Brad Pitt) and Samuel (Henry Thomas); and the woman who suffers the fate of loving all three of them, Susannah (Julia Ormond).

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