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Interview - Wall Crumpler "Howlin’ Wolf Records" - Part 03

I always feel closer to artist, producers after working with them... do you get the same sense of a bond?

Depending on the level of direct involvement I have with the artist and the mutual interest in a project we share…absolutely I do feel a strong bond with regard to the project. I can say that meeting with Gershon Kingsley was such an incredible and interesting experience. He is very gracious and I actually had the opportunity to sit by his side in his studio and listen to a selection of his unreleased works…. what a thrill that was. His beautiful wife was present as well and it was such a memorable experience and I am extremely grateful that he took the time to meet and talk with me. He is such an amazingly accomplished, talented, and interesting man. If you don’t believe me, check out some of his youtube interviews, which include discussions about what it was like living in Germany during the Nazi regime.

Are there going to be other releases other than "Horror"?

I think as long as we remain at our current scale, and I do not foresee any great expansion coming soon, I think it will take a great while to tire of horror/sci-fi/suspense scores. Having said that, I should qualify that we are completely open to presenting great film scores from any genre. If the opportunity presents itself for a great score, no matter what the genre, we are always excited to explore the possibilities. In my personal collection, I certainly have as many non-horror scores as I do horror/scifi/suspense.

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