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Interview - Wall Crumpler "Howlin’ Wolf Records" - Part 04

What is your latest project and how did that come about?

The latest project is SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT (1974) – music composed and conducted by Gershon Kingsley. This is another project that we went in pursuit of…unfortunately no one is pursuing us to develop projects yet. That is something we hope may change in time. I had of course seen the film and have always been amused by a lot of the dialogue (I find it very entertaining) and also intrigued by how eerie many of the scenes in this film are. The audio and video for the versions I have owned over the years from VHS to DVD have always been very poor…even still, I was completely captivated by
Gershon Kingsley’s score for this film. I recall when I first heard the score supporting the opening credits how taken I was with the very foreboding feel he gave arrangements based on the perennial Christmas carol classic Silent Night. The sweepingly beautiful closing title theme is another highlight. I love scores heavy on strings and SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT is a beautiful symphonic score composed for piano and strings. Gerhson Kingsley composed, orchestrated, and conducted the score recorded with a chamber orchestra in Munich, Germany.

With the upcoming release "Silent Night, Bloody Night [1974]" working with Gershon Kingsley [writer, "Popcorn", "MOOG" music], with all his accomplished work. ""

How cool is that?

It is very cool indeed… Mr. Kingsley as I sta
ted is amazing. He told me that the key to maintaining youthfulness is to remain creative and curious. These are words he obviously lives by and would explain how he remains so creatively active and sharp. I hope that others will have the opportunity to hear some of the unreleased, very interesting pieces he so generously shared with me during my visit to his studio.

Do you feel this score had a "it's about time" moment?

I do feel that it is time SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT is heard in the form that Gershon Kingsley intended. Any score that was composed pre-digital age and not preserved in some digital format runs the risk of being forever lost. I am grateful that Gershon Kingsley digitally mastered the major themes in his score from the original quarter inch tapes; especially given the audio presented in the film is not great.

Are there hopes of producing more of Kingsley's score work?

Most definitely! I can say very honestly that I told Mr. Kingsley that if he had any projects of interest that he would like to discuss with us tha
t he would have our undivided attention. My hope is that he will be pleased with the outcome of this project and will consider future projects. We very briefly discussed the possibility of conceiving a box-set of his work. He has generated such an incredible variety of works over the years that I think it would be a real treasure to have something like this from him.

Is Gershon Kingsley happy that this film is getting the attention it deserves? I know fans will...

I know from speaking with him that he is proud of his score and pleased that those who have appreciated the score for SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT while watching the film can now listen to his arrangement of the score.

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