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Interview - Wall Crumpler "Howlin’ Wolf Records" - Part 02

First release "MALEVOLENCE"...A film written, produced, directed, and scored by Stevan Mena.

How did this come about?

When I first decided to form a record label specializing in film scores, the initial step was to ask myself what films had I seen over the past several years that I was disappointed to discover had no film score release? Unfortunately for me as a film score collector, there is quite a long list of titles that fall into that category. I can honestly say that MALEVOLENCE was at the very top of the list. There was a lot of buzz on-line when MALEVOLENCE was released on DVD (I did not have the privilege to see it during its theatrical run) and I purchased the DVD and was very taken by the feeling of frightening isolation Stevan Mena created with his film. This film had such a dark mood and his score so beautifully complemented and helped set the tone. I believe I was also drawn to Stevan Mena because I am a great fan of John Carpenter’s work. I see so many parallels between Stevan Mena and John Carpenter, both being writer, director, composers.

Stevan Mena seems to be a person who wears many hats; did this make it more difficult to work with?

Stevan Mena wears more hats in film making than anyone I am aware of. I think he was involved with or solely responsible for almost every step of the process except for maybe molding the plastic cases for the DVDs (LOL). Seriously, it is quite extraordinary what a labor of love MALEVOLENCE must have been for him. I am very eager for his prequel to see how his style as a filmmaker has evolved…. interestingly, if IMDB is correct, Stevan is again serving as the composer for his prequel to MALEVOLENCE titled BEREAVEMENT, which deals with the abduction of Marin Bristol, a character introduced in the first film.

To answer your question, Stevan was and continues to be very easy to collaborate with on the release of his film score. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I do not enjoy talking on the telephone. Stevan and I collaborated to produce the film score for MALEVOLENCE completely through email…so that is but one great thing I appreciate about Stevan. Not to say that I am not determined to meet with him face to face at some point! I may just show up as an extra on one of his films if I cannot get to him any other way. Just kidding Stevan…. you do not need to beef up security on the sets yet. With all honesty, we both have busy schedules and have not had the real need or opportunity to meet in person - but I do hope for and look forward to that opportunity some day. He is a great guy, amazingly talented, and so easy to coordinate and work with. Howlin’ Wolf Records owes much of its continued existence to Stevan Mena…. without his support and enthusiasm regarding our interest in releasing MALEVOLENCE and the trust he emplaced with us on that project, we would never have been able to sign Gershon Kingsley to release SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT…. before Mr. Kingsley would discuss any specifics with me, he wanted to see the work we accomplished with MALEVOLENCE. So thank you again Stevan!

Will you be able to produce more of Mena's work?
I would love to work with Stevan again to release a score for one of his films. Again, I am very eager to see how he evolves as a filmmaker and composer. My feeling is we will see many interesting projects from Stevan Mena over the years.... I really am excited to see BEREAVEMENT and hope that possibly it will have a theatrical run. I would enjoy the opportunity to experience one of his films on the big screen.

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