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21 Questions: Nicki Elson - Author

With: Nicki Elson
-Tell us about your career and what you are currently working on or involved with?
Currently I work part time as a website administrator and e-marketer for a family of local fashion boutiques.  I also work part-time as an editor for Omnific Publishing and do various events, e-marketing, and such for my published novel.  I'm not sure any of this is a career.  I left what was a career, in investment consulting, fourteen years ago to be able to be home when my kids are.

-Is this what you thought you would be doing with your life, what was your first passion?
The being a mom part was something I always hoped for, and the rest evolved out of passion and luck.   I'd have to say that even as recent as five years ago I'd have been shocked to learn that I'd be doing any of it.  I didn't discover my passions until after having kids. Before that I'd been trying to force my square peg self into the round hole of the financial industry, and it wasn't until I left that I found my groove with more creative ventures like gardening, interior design, and eventually writing.  
-To whom do you credit your success to, who gives or gave you the most support?
God.  I've been graced with wonderful parents and family and friends, and that external support is important, but internal support is essential.  I keep a lot of things close to the vest, and it's the Holy Spirit that points me in a direction and gives me the confidence and ability to run in it.

-If you could meet or work with [living or dead], who would that be and why?
Abraham Lincoln.  Cheesy answer, I know, but he's just so cool---an independent thinker.
-What would you like to be remembered for 100 years from now?
I don't know.  Maybe being decisive...?

-Who inspires you?
Hmm.  That's surprisingly hard to answer.  I take inspiration from so many people for different areas of my life.  My mom inspires me to be more selfless, my dad inspires me to be a steadfast but gentle spirit.  My sister inspires me to not be afraid and go ahead and live out some of those dreams.  Mark Zuckerberg inspires me to think differently and think big.

-How are things different today, than the same day 1 year ago? 
Let's see...a year ago my debut novel had been out for about a month and I'd just come out of the closet with the whole writing thing, so there were a lot of nerves about how people would react to that, how they'd like the book, and I was up to my eyeballs with figuring out how to market the thing.  This year I'm more relaxed because I feel like I've done a decent job of getting the word out, and now it's up to my little book to either take off or not.  And I'm happy because my mind again feels steady enough to delve back into an entirely different story that wants to be told.

-What is the last song you bought or listened to in your musical device [ipod, computer, stereo, etc.]?
The song that just finished playing on my player (from an awesome mix CD a friend just made for me) is The Bloody Bucket performed by Grey Delisle.

-Last good film you had seen, and the best movie you would recommend to someone asking? Movies...movies...oh, that one with Zack Galifianakis in rehab---"It's Kind of a Funny Story"---is the last good one I've seen.  The best movie?  Like ever?  I'm going to have to go with Raiders of the Lost Ark.

-What is the single greatest moment in your life?
I can't...I can't answer that.  There isn't a single greatest, but I do rank especially good ones in my Top 10 Moments.  I probably have about 25 of those.  They tend to happen when I'm traveling, away from the every day crazy and living in the moment.  Like the day my sister and I sat on a terrace carved into the side of a hill in Vernazza, Italy, drinking the local white vino out of plastic cups, and the cat we'd been watching terrorize birds below suddenly appeared behind the lime tree on our terrace---stalking us!  Scary and hilarious. 

-Favorite Horror Film?
The Shining

-Favorite Book?
Gone with the Wind

-Favorite Song?
Today: Misery Loves Company, Emilie Autumn

-Favorite Film Character?
Captain Jack Sparrow
-Favorite Film Composer?
Whoever did the Star Wars Movies.  And Harry Potter.  And Jaws.

-Favorite Thing In Your Home?
The bunny.

-Favorite First Pet?
Sugar Kitty

-Favorite Coffee Or Tea?
Dunkin' Donuts

-Favorite Phrase?
What you talkin' about, Willis?

-Favorite Hiding Place [Not that we are looking]?
The butler pantry nook between the kitchen and dining room.  I may or may not be there right now. O_o

-If you could tell someone something someone told you, "words to live by" what would that be?
Be careful what you wish for.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I know how you feel Nicki - wasn't sure I was ready to tell the world I was an author either. Good interview guys!

Jenny Krueger said...

This is awesome, very cool post.

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

That was a great interview! Thanks so much for sharing. Always enjoying hearing about others inspiration. And do love a scary cat tale...gotta watch those cats....never trust them :)