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21 Questions: Danielle Soloud [Artist]

With: Danielle Soloud

When did you realize that you could create art and how did you act on it?
I don't think it's something that necessarily gets realized but that gets done. I've always loved "making art", I'm obsessed with creating and drawing, literally. In a sense it's almost like asking when did I realize I could breathe and how did I act on it!

Who is your inspirations within the art world?
Bruce Timm, J. Scott Campbell, Jim Lee, Chris Sanders, Glen Keane, Adam Hughes, and a more general inspiration would be Disney and 1980's-1990's anime.

What are you currently doing in the art field?
I do a lot of sketch cards for companies, my webcomic Life with Death, and other random projects.

What advice would you give someone trying to accomplish the same things you are?
Draw as much as possible, whenever possible. Try new things and experiment. It's going to be horrible at times, your heart will get broken constantly and you may want to give up, but you can't. Not if you really want to be a good artist.

What is favorite piece?
A piece that I'm really excited and fond of is my Sai O'Nara character poster for an upcoming comic I'm to start working on.

How do you decide what is next?
It's difficult! There's so many ideas and things to do that it's hard to find a place to start. Sometimes I'll do what I feel at that time will come out best. Or if I start something that I'm not feeling, I'll switch to something else. I like to work on multiple things at a time to keep everything fresh and avoid feeling complete hatred for something.

Have you ever drawn anyone famous, that has seen your sketches?
Not that I know of, but Soulja Boy contacted me and told me he liked my work.
How do you get your word out in the world?
Conventions and internet!

Have you ever drawn something and immediately threw it out, cause it was just too...?
Constantly. If I think something is terrible I'm not going to keep going on it. I've actually finished things and hated it so much that I had to redo it. It's important to be proud of the work you put out there. Even though that can be difficult since, like most artists, I'm my own worst critic.

Many pieces of your art are very vixen-esque, do you find it helps sells better?
I have no doubt that it helps. I think most everyone can agree that the female form is beautiful.

What is the silliest request you have been asked to do?
A grandpa tentacle monster sitting around, telling a story to young tentacle monsters about how back in his day they only had Japanese school girls. It was awesome.

Where can we find your work [location, web, etc.]?
The sites I update the most are:
My main site:
My webcomic:
and my DeviantArt:

Do you find it tougher being a woman in a sort of man club when it comes to drawing or creating?
No, this hasn't been an issue for me so far. As long as you're doing your best then I think your work speaks for you and that's what matters.

First and last thing you do in the day?

Do you use music as a catalyst for creating your art, if so what do you listen to?
Yes! I change it up depending on what I'm drawing and how I'm feeling. Generally I listen to 80's pop, classic rock, surf rock, and electro.

Any shows we can see and meet you at, at the very least say hello?
Right now I'm only staying on the east coast and sticking to local cons for the most part in Florida. Although I do go to Heroes Con in North Carolina and considering Baltimore. I hope to expand to more cons along the east coast and then eventually the west coast. I welcome anyone to stop by my table and say hello!

If you could design the next dollar bill, what would it look like and how would it be different?
Oh dear. I would be a terrible choice for the next dollar bill. It would be neon green with unicorns holding AK-47s shooting rainbows out and they'd be saying, "AMERICA, BITCH!"

Digital art or hand drawn?
Both! I don't think an artist should stick 100% to either. There's plenty of pros and cons to both.

Last film you saw that you hated, but gave it another look cause you thought you may have been to rough on it the first time?
I definitely wouldn't say hate, but the first time I saw The Other Guys, I thought it was just okay. When I watched it again, I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I've seen it more times than I can remember now and it's now one of my favorite movies.

Puppets with or without strings, why?
Without strings. I don't want them to be able to choke me or cut off my head with that string when they come alive to kill me.

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The Words Crafter said...

Ah, it's nice to read an interview about something other than writing!

There's a Heroes con here? I didn't know that. Cool.

Apparently, artists and writers are very similar in their methods and disciplines. And music is everyone's muse :)

Great interview!