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Intrada: METEOR [1979] - Laurence Rosenthal

INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 267

Laurence Rosenthal’s score is a
major element of Meteor, its crescendoing
brasses and strident strings heroically suited
to the material and in the grand tradition.
--The Los Angeles Times

In its ongoing endeavor to promote interest in the film music of Laurence Rosenthal, Intrada presents this striking new issue of Rosenthal's dramatic sci-fi disaster score, Meteor (1979).  The composer’s ingenuity was put to the test, as he was tasked with musically characterizing the eponymous “meteor.” The resulting sound features an imposing series of weighty, dissonant chords that slide and lurch in chaotic fashion—a musical preview of the violence and terror Orpheus will unleash, should it strike Earth. This is offset by quieter, misterioso writing for the infinite deep of space. An array of electronic and synth effects, including Craig Huxley on blaster beam, complete this picture, pointing to the asteroid’s extraterrestrial origin, speed and terrible power.  The score also features a jaunty march for the Russians and Americans and a broad melody that cuts to the heart of the film’s human drama.

For this reissue Intrada accessed the original stereo 1/4" elements that were used for the previous issue of Meteor, featuring the same program while updating the cue titles to accurately reflect the film's cue sheet.

Meteor begins when NASA astrophysicist Paul Bradley (Sean Connery) is called out of retirement by his old boss, Harry Sherwood (Karl Malden), to address the looming threat of the asteroid Orpheus. Splinters of the giant rock have sent a five-mile–wide chunk hurtling toward Earth with the promise of mass devastation. Bradley’s must convince the American president (Henry Fonda) to partner with the Soviets and coordinate the two nations’ top-secret orbital nuclear platforms in order to destroy Orpheus.

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