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Six Strings with... Joei Fulco [Interview]

I had the great pleasure to talk with this upcoming film star and talented singer/artist Joei Fulco as she adds her talents to a few projects we hope to cover at our independent record label "HOWLIN' WOLF RECORDS". I wanted to thank her for Joei's time and apologize for being so behind on this... thank you!
Jeremy [HWR:OLM]

HWR:OLM: Tell us a little about yourself, your family group and do you find it difficult to keep up with all the things happening in your life?

Joei Fulco: I am a 16 year old singer, songwriter, guitarist, piano player and actress so my life is always full of work and I love it! My family and I used to play concerts together as a family band which was a wonderful experience. Now I am working on a new project with my little brother, Jesse, called Sweet Ginger Pie. We are a rockin' country group with guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. I always have a bunch of projects going on and obviously I have to finish school so I do have a lot to keep track of, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

HWR:OLM: What are some of the experiences you will take away from working with Albert Pyun on projects like "Cyborg: Nemesis" and more recent your contributions to "Road To Hell"?

Joei Fulco: I will first take Albert's resilience in the face of adversity with me and, of course, I will take every minute of my experience with Albert Pyun because every minute I spent working with him was a learning experience for me. I had never worked on a movie before “Cyborg Nemesis” and “Road To Hell” so everything was foreign territory to me. I got to experience the process of getting cast, memorizing scripts that change on a constant basis, training to be physically fit for my characters, and the actual filming process. I didn’t realize how much work goes into making a movie and I loved every minute of being a part of it. Working with Albert Pyun has made a huge difference in my work ethic.

HWR:OLM: Share some of your thoughts of being the lead in upcoming film "Cyborg: Nemesis", were there things you expected and some were like "that was cool" (film making, being on set, scripts, etc)?

Joei Fulco: I honestly didn't know exactly what to expect when I went into the filming process. It was all new to me and everything was cool to me. I loved seeing the set, going through hair and makeup, getting to know all the other actors, and seeing a work in progress. It’s all very fast paced and very involved. When the director is as hands-on as Albert it makes everything a lot easier as an actress. Albert really helped me with anything I didn’t understand and made me feel a lot more
comfortable in the working environment.

HWR:OLM: Being multi-talented from voice to playing instruments now add acting, what do you find to be most satisfying so far?

Joei Fulco: I think that they are all on the same level for me. One doesn’t overpower the other. I’ve always loved anything that involves a performance so they all work out well. I was able to sing in both
“Cyborg Nemesis” and “Road To Hell” which was wonderful because I got to incorporate both my loves, music and acting, into one project.

HWR:OLM: The music from the film "Road To Hell" is such a strong part, you bring a certain charm and grace to the song "Streets of Fire" how did you feel recording this and did you know that this is a sort of sequel?

Joei Fulco: Thank you very much! I was told at the beginning of working on this movie that it was a follow up on the movie “Streets Of Fire” and that immediately piqued my interest! I drove out to LA to record the song with Tony Riparetti and it was so much fun. He was very nice to work with and the song was extremely fun to sing.

HWR:OLM: What is next, where would you like to see yourself in five years, considering you are just getting used to having a drivers license?

Joei Fulco: Well right now I am still off the roads. I am focusing so much on my career that I haven’t had the time to get a license to get used to! I plan on always working. I want to continue in movies and music and never stop living my dream! As long as I am performing, I’m happy!



JodiAnngel said...

Joei is multi-talented and such a sweet soul! Can't wait to see all her projects!!

Maurice Mitchell said...

That's an awesome interview. Joei is such a talented woman.

Al Diaz said...

Very talented and beautiful girl. Wishing her success in all her projects.

Anonymous said...

So young and busy, with so many dreams and goals. Wishing every success along the journey!