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Intrada: NECESSARY ROUGHNESS [1991] - Bill Conti

Music Composed by BILL CONTI
INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 268

When Paramount Pictures tapped Bill Conti to score Necessary Roughness (1991), Conti was fresh off Rocky V. Given the composer’s track record, the decision to bring him in was a natural one, though the score itself sports a more “contemporary” and rock ‘n roll feel than most of its counterparts in Conti’s oeuvre. The modern sound is evident right from the strains of Conti’s “Main Title,” where the composer’s trademark horns form a muscular fanfare with a generous assortment of electric guitars and percussion laid on top. Conti’s score is built upon this principal theme, weaving in and out of the film with numerous variations throughout the picture, featuring a musical tug of war of sorts between the traditional orchestra and electric guitar/percussion ensemble as the score unfolds

For this premiere release of Bill Conti's score, Intrada was given access to the original stereo session masters stored in Paramount's vaults.

In Necessary Roughness, the Texas State Armadillos are stil reeling from a series of scandals, most notably the improper payment of players. Seeking to resurrect the program and run it the right way, Texas State tabs Ed Gennero (Hector Elizondo), a by-the-book former coach now working as a television analyst. Texas State doesn’t have much to offer since the entire roster has been cleansed, with only one player remaining from the prior regime. Still, having the opportunity to take a Division 1 program and start over with a clean slate proves irresistible to Gennero, who brings along long-time friend Wally Rig (Robert Loggia) to whip the roster into shape.

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