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Wellgo USA Entertainment: "RESET" BLU-RAY and DVD

From producer Jackie Chan and director Hong-Seung Yoon (The Target), the action-packed sci-fi thriller RESET arrives on digital and Blu-ray February 6 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Yang Mi (Brotherhood of Blades II) stars as a scientist trying to save her son from death at the hands of kidnappers by using an experimental universe-hopping/time-travel technology to save him. RESET also stars Wallace Huo (Our Time Will Come), King Shih-Chieh (The Final Master), Liu Chang (“The Kings Woman”) and newcomers Hummer Zhang and Wang Lidan.  RESET was nominated as Best Film at the 2017 Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival.  

In the near future, scientist Xia Tian (Yang Mi) is on the verge of a major discovery: time travel.  After she successfully sends living tissue back in time by 110 minutes, her years of work seem to have paid off, but everything unravels when her young son is kidnapped and held for a hefty ransom - all of her research. When the drop goes sour and her son is killed, Xia Tian desperately sends herself back in time using her prototype, where she discovers multiple versions of her future self. Now, all of the Xia Tians must band together to save their son in this action-packed sci-fi thriller from producer Jackie Chan.
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