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Silva Screen Records: "THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO SERIES 2" music by Ben and Nick Foster

Ben and Nick Foster’s updated soundtrack to the iconic TV series, featuring synths, electronics and full orchestra, and following Barry Gray’s heritage with employing a vast array of brass and percussion.

Making good use of leitmotifs to signal characters, moods and machines, the composing duo created a completely up to date sound, whilst retaining reverence for the original.

ITV's Thunderbirds Are Go is now screened in more than 40 countries worldwide and Silva Screen's third compilation from the series features music from Series Two. The music from the series has previously received a BAFTA nomination.

Ben is a three times BAFTA nominated composer whose scores include Torchwood, Hidden Kingdoms, Happy Valley, Our Girl and as an orchestral arranger and conductor for 99 episodes of Doctor Who. Brother Nick is a BAFTA winning composer whose work includes The Cube and Derren Brown Specials.

"The Fosters are on top form giving those big moments (and there are lots of them) the blast they need but also serving quieter moments, such as undersea or in space, with more interesting and curious themes and melodies. Just as Murray Gold did with Doctor Who, the music is an absolute rock and lifts the show to a cinematic level". Den Of Geek
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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