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Intrada: "HOWARD THE DUCK" (3CD) music by John Barry, Thomas Dolby and Sylvester Levay

Hugely expanded 3-CD release of action-packed John Barry score to early Marvel Superhero film! When John Barry scored 1986’s Howard The Duck, he recorded vibrant music replete with action-packed battles and heroics, hauntingly beautiful love themes and a plethora of James Bond-ish orchestral dazzle dazzle. Barry even recorded strikingly different versions of several cues to accommodate numerous editorial changes in the film during post-production. Over 100 minutes of original music in all. A monumental scoring achievement! By the time the finished film made it to theaters in 1986, nearly 20 minutes of the scoring for later scenes had been deleted in favor of additional music scored by Sylvester Levay. Enhancing the overall musical approach to Universal’s fantasy vehicle still further were several songs arranged and produced by Thomas Dolby, essential to the antics as they were performed on screen by the all-female rock group Cherry Bomb, the lead singer of which is also the film’s star, Lea Thompson, hot off of her flashy turn in Back To The Future. 

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THIS IS A PERSONAL "HOLY GRAIL" release for me, I cannot express my joy in this finally being a complete release!
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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