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Kronos Records: "RORY'S WAY" Music by FRANK ILFMAN

KRONOS RECORDS is once again very happy and thrilled to work with our friend Frank Ilfman (Big Bad Wolves) to release the emotionally-charged music for RORY'S WAY, based on Jose Luis Sampedro’s novel The Etruscan Smile and starring acclaimed British actor Brian Cox  in the lead role. RORY'S WAY is a gorgeous  Celtic-flavored orchestral score that will steal your heart and take you on board Rory's journey of transformation and healing.

Frank Ilfman originally studied trombone and piano at the Jaffa Conservatorium of Music, then at the age of thirteen he was joined the Tel Aviv Dixieland Band where he played lead trombone in addition to arranging for them. His passion for film music was ignited when a visit to Bavaria Studios got him introduced to German composer Klaus Doldinger, who was scoring The Neverending Story at that time. Since starting out, Frank had scored over sixty films and television projects. His breakthrough was written for Big Bad Wolves whose music won a Saturn Award shortly after being issued by MovieScore Media. Some of Ilfman’s other recent credits include the monster movie Abulele, the supernatural thriller Sensoria (also available from ScreamWorks Records) and the new logo of Legendary Pictures.

“Rory’s Way is a very emotional and heartfelt story with a strong Celtic identity,” explains Frank Ilfman about his contributions to the picture. “The music is very melodic in its core, using a large orchestra comprise of strings, winds, percussion and some Celtic instruments to represent Rory’s heritage. I composed three themes that represent Rory’s character, his son and Rory’s relationship with his grandson always keeping central the strong emotions between the three generations.” []

The album is produced by our old friend Mikael Carlsson of MovieScore Media who has also released the digital edition of this soundtrack.
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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