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MovieScore Media: "MAT BIEC" music by Christopher Wong

MovieScore Media takes a venture to the cinema of Vietnam with the latest collaboration between composer Christopher Wong and director Victor Vu. Following the nostalgic Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass, the superhero movie Loi Bao and the dystopian The Immortal, the wistful M?t bi?c adapts a classic story by Nguy?n Nh?t Ánh, the author of Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass, Vietnam’s official submission to the 2016 Academy Awards. The movie tells the one-sided love story of a young man Ngan (Tran Nghia), who  still carries the torch for his childhood sweetheart Halan (Trúc Anh), but their romance holds a few painful surprises…

MovieScore Media’s album features Christopher Wong’s beautiful romantic orchestral score as well as the song ‘Có Chàng Trai Vi?t Lên Cây’ by Phan M?nh Qu?nh. As Christopher Wong explains about the score: “After I read the script, I knew this would be a special project because it had all of the things I love in my favorite stories and movies — a complicated romance full of both joy and heartache, characters that we follow from childhood to adulthood, and a feeling of nostalgia, remembering the happiest moments in our past.  Since the story is set in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, one of the things I wanted to do was give the score a classic feel at times, occasionally hinting at harmonic language that would be at home in a Golden Age film score, to impart that feeling of nostalgia. The prevalence of classical guitar in the score is something we enjoyed working with, as the main character Ngan is an old fashioned songwriter, and that sound becomes a part of his identity.”

Composer Christopher Wong has established himself as the go-to composer for the rising generation of Asian American directors. Christopher’s interest in film music began late in college when he was selected by the music department to study privately under Jerry Goldsmith. His first major credit was Journey from the Fall, the debut feature from director Ham Tran – the film received a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival, while the score earned a nomination from the International Film Music Critics Association for Best New Composer of 2007. MovieScore Media has released Christopher’s scores for The Rebel, a historical drama set in 1920 French Indochina, the romantic comedy How to Fight in Six Inch Heels and his last few collaborations with Victor Vu, including Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass, Loi Bao and The Immortal. []

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