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MovieScore Media: "THE MATRIX SYMPHONY" Music Composed and Conducted by DON DAVIS

MovieScore Media ends the year 2019 with a world premiere recording released to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the Wachowski brothers seminal sci-fi classic The Matrix: Don Davis’ The Matrix Symphony, as conducted by the composer himself at the 2007 Tenerife International Film Music Festival. The annual gathering of film music fans hosts breathtaking concerts with unique line-ups and premiere pieces every year. The very first event, organized in 2007, hosted what may have been the single most epic undertaking of a newcomer festival – a 33-minute long piece featuring the highlights of The Matrix trilogy, featuring the Tenerife Film Orchestra and Choir under the composer’s baton.

The Matrix Symphony builds upon the thematic material of the classic sci-fi trilogy by Larry and Andy Wachowski, starring Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving. Each of the movements builds upon the highlights of the scores from the three movies: The Matrix (1999) and its concurrently shot sequels, The Matrix Reloaded (2003) and The Matrix Revolutions (2004). The three movement symphony gets an extra coda in the form of the epic finale of the last picture: the large orchestral/choral set-piece “Neodämmerung”, which underscores the final confrontation between Agent Smith and Neo, The Chosen One. As a special bonus, the album includes a 16-minute colourful suite from Ronnie Yu’s Warriors of Virtue (1997), also scored by Don Davis and performed in the same 2007 concert.

Composer Don Davis’ music for The Matrix and its sequels are considered landmark scores in the science fiction genre, but Davis has written other strikingly original and highly dramatic orchestral scores for films such as Jurassic Park III (upon John Williams’ recommendation), Bound, House on Haunted Hill, Behind Enemy Lines and the cult TV series SeaQuest DSV and Beauty and the Beast, both earning Davis Emmy Awards for best dramatic underscore. []
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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