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Intrada: "THE POWER AND THE GLORY" music by Laurence Rosenthal

Intrada announces the premiere release of an early work from composer Laurence Rosenthal, the 1961 film The Power and the Glory. Composed after A Raisin in the Sun and before The Miracle Worker, it may be an early score, but from a rich period for Rosenthal and one of his favorite scores. For the film's setting in Mexico, Rosenthal composed a score of appropriate flavor and atmosphere, capturing the essence of both the time period, the locale, and the struggle between religion and government. Rosenthal had a particular love for Mexican music, which is reflected in the rhythms and drama throughout this powerful score.

The film had a heavy hitting cast that included Lawrence Olivier, George C. Scott, Julie Harris and Patty Duke, produced by David Susskind, with whom Rosenthal worked on Rashomon and Requiem for a Heavyweight. It was based on the novel by Graham Greene, who also wrote The Comedians that Rosenthal would later score when the film adaptation was produced a few years later. In the film, Olivier plays a cynical Catholic priest sent to preach in Mexico at a time (1930s) when the government perceived the Church as competition. As a result the government launches a plot to assassinate him.

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