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MovieScore Media: "FINDING HOME (Håbet)" music by Nicklas Schmidt

MovieScore Media’s latest television score release hails from Denmark with the four-episode long television event Finding Home (aka Håbet) with music by Nicklas Schmidt. The orchestral score accompanies a story set in 1899 of 15-year-old Marie and her two younger siblings who live in an orphanage. Their father is a sailor and has not been home for three years. Everyone except Marie thinks he is dead. One day as Marie gets a clue that her father has been seen alive, she flees the orphanage, cuts off her hair, disguises herself as a boy and embarks on a long and dramatic journey on the freight ship “Hope” to search for her father and reunite her family

As composer Nicklas Schmidt explains about the music: “ I found it particularly inspiring to illuminate the maritime subject of the story from two sides: One that was going along with the big waves, the melancholic longing for faraway shores, underlined by symphonic strings; and one that spoke the language of sailors and common people and is expressed through a folk trio. This blend gives the score a quite unique character – and it also experiments with mixing up the two genres in crucial moments of the storyline.” The folk melodies are inspired by Danish, Norwegian and Irish tunes, but are composed originally for this project and brought to life by the astonishing trio Dreamers’ Circus. The music is performed by the Brussels Philharmonic, conducted by Dirk Brossé.

Nicklas Schmidt has written the score for a number of feature films, documentaries, video games and TV series, including the hit Danish comedy Klassefesten 2 (2014) and children’s animation ranging from the 3-D adventure The Great Bear (2011) through the genre parody Ronal the Barbarian (2011) to the haunting Beyond Beyond (2014). He also worked as an arranger and orchestrator on the Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated score for the Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything, composed by Jóhann Johánnsson. Nicklas’ A Conspiracy of Faith and All I Want for Christmas were released by MSM. []
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