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Lakeshore Records: "ASIAN AMERICANS" music by Vivek Maddala

Lakeshore Records has digitally released the Original Series Soundtrack for the PBS documentary series Asian Americans by two-time Emmy-winning composer Vivek Maddala. The 4.5-hour music score he composed reflects the series’ exploration of two centuries of immigration and civil rights experiences by Asian Americans in the U.S. The docuseries aired earlier this month on PBS and is now available for streaming on and the PBS Video app.

The soundtrack album includes 84 minutes of key moments and themes from the sweeping music score, taking listeners on a stimulating ride that traverses gritty 19th-Century American textures and elegant European Romantic motifs; 20th-Century jazz, soul, and rock; and modern-day brooding electronica. You’ll hear splashes of musical color from places as varied as Japan, Philippines, Korea, China, and India—all threaded into a cohesive musical fabric that transcends temporal or geographic boundaries.

“The Asian Americans series is a significant work in terms of both the quality of the filmmaking and the importance of the subject matter. I feel incredibly honored to have been invited to compose the music score... to craft a melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic voice for this vital history. The series directors, producers, and editors proved to be superb collaborators in this regard. We spent countless hours together, immersed in nearly two centuries of tales of struggle and resilience, exploring how best to sculpt the musical themes to connect the audience emotionally with the story.  The result, I think, is a music score that speaks powerfully to the story of Asian Americans,” says Vivek Maddala.

Asian Americans is a five-hour film series that delivers a bold, fresh perspective on a history that matters today, more than ever. As America becomes more diverse, and more divided while facing unimaginable challenges, how do we move forward together? Told through intimate personal stories, the series will cast a new lens on U.S. history and the ongoing role that Asian Americans have played. Asian Americans is available to own, and is currently streaming on and the PBS Video App. More information at

About Vivek Maddala... is a two-time Emmy-winning composer who focuses on scoring feature films, theater and dance productions, and television series.  Additionally, Vivek works with several acclaimed artists as a music producer and engineer. As a multi-instrumental performer, Vivek journeys fluidly through diverse musical styles, and effortlessly between many instruments -- including drums, piano, guitar, and bass. He has also served as a guest conductor with renowned orchestras and chamber groups, performing work he has written for ballet and film.

Vivek is a Sundance Institute Lab Fellow for film composition, and has had work premiere at the Cannes, Toronto, Berlin, Venice, and Sundance film festivals. His diverse musical palette, combining melodic symphony writing with modern textures from around the globe, has been described paradoxically as “the bleeding edge of hip” (Roger Ebert) and "timeless and universal" (NPR).

When scoring films, Vivek speaks with his unique musical voice. His score for the Peabody Award-Winning film "American Revolutionary" blends melodic chamber strings with expressive piano passages to frame the film's exploration of critical social movements seen through the lens of a revolutionary activist and philosopher. Vivek's brooding, passionate score for "Children of Memory" carefully fuses indigenous musical textures with his focused, yet sweeping composition style to explore questions of how post-war societies can right the wrongs of the past. Accordingly, Vivek continues to seek out projects that lift the human spirit -- to challenge power structures and elucidate the human condition. His works, extraordinarily diverse in style, stand out among contemporary compositions for their depth of expression, brilliance of sound, and profoundly compassionate nature. His music supplements and strengthens the narrative and emotional components of the film, characterizing and framing the picture -- above all, serving the dramatic vision of the director.

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