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Lakeshore Records: "STUFFED" music by Ben Lovett

Lakeshore Records is pleased to announce the release of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Stuffed composed by Ben Lovett (The Ritual, Synchronicity), available digitally today. The album features a colorful and inspired melodic score by Lovett that expresses both the whimsical and deeply passionate spirit of an oftentimes misunderstood yet beautifully intricate and intriguing artform. Directed by Erin Derham (Buskin’ Blues, Julian Price), Stuffed had its world premiere at SXSW 2019 where it was nominated for the Grand Jury Award.

Stuffed is a documentary feature film about the surprising and unique world of taxidermy.  Told through the eyes and hands of a passionate and diverse group of renowned artists from around the world, the film explores the lives and perspectives of an extraordinary subculture that exists at the intersection of art and science.  With a keen eye on conservation and the natural world, Stuffed also explores the important and unexpected relationship that exists between taxidermy and the human effort to preserve the beauty of nature.

When director Erin Derham first asked her friend and colleague Ben Lovett his thoughts on making the documentary, he told her, “Yes, you should definitely make this movie, and I will make it with you, but only if you name it ‘Stuffed’.” Speaking on their close collaboration throughout the making of the film, Derham explained, “The process was very unique in that Ben started writing and recording the score while I was filming. I knew I wanted Stuffed to feel beautiful and romantic like a Jane Austen novel but giving it that distinct Lovett edge. I’m Ben’s biggest fan. All of his movie scores blow me away, but when I first heard the ‘Stuffed Waltz’ suite it felt like he’d written a song about my heart. It represented the humbling journey that took place as I filmed wildly different people around the world for nearly three years and had all my preconceived judgements about taxidermy challenged.”

Lovett described his score as a collection of “musical dioramas” that aim to capture a glimpse into the minds and hearts of a variety of uncommon personalities. Lovett explained, “I was inspired by the characters in the film who all come from very different political, social, and economic backgrounds and often disagree on most things, but ultimately populate a distinct subculture that’s bound by a deep and genuine love for nature. I wanted to capture that unmistakable childlike wonder they all have when they talk about animals. For taxidermists the work they do is not at all about Death, it’s about Life.”

About Ben Lovett... Ben Lovett is an American songwriter and composer best known for crafting unconventional scores to a diverse range of films and documentaries including the Netflix cult favorite The Ritual, Amy Seimetz’s award-winning noir Sun Don’t Shine, Independent Spirit Award nominee The Signal, the Duplass Brothers’ survival thriller Black Rock, Emma Tammi’s avant-garde western The Wind, and the time travel sci-fi noir Synchronicity which earned Ben a nomination for “Discovery of the Year” at the prestigious World Soundtrack Awards. Lovett’s most recent work debuted at Sundance 2020, a reunion with director and longtime collaborator David Bruckner for the upcoming Searchlight thriller The Night House.
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