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MovieScore Media launches its new documentary-focused sub-label called Reality Bytes. The sub-label intends to release the best and most interesting documentary titles on the market, where both the topic of the film as well as the quality of the score merit further attention. Co-inciding with the film’s wide release on August 26, the inaugural title of the new sub-label is The Red Orchestra with music by Eloi Ragot. Written and directed by Carl-Ludwig Rettinger, the movie re-examines the story of the Red Orchestra: the most important resistance network in Nazi Germany, whose operations extended from Berlin and Brussels to Paris. The album features Eloi Ragot’s score recorded with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and co-incides with the premiere of the film in Germany.

"I first thought working on a WW2 documentary was a bit tricky because of the sheer scope of the story”, said Eloir Ragot. “But Carl-Ludwig Rettinger pushed me to be as near as possible to the characters, their feeling, their ideas, their love affairs, and especially one of the main founders of the Red Orchestra, Leopold Trepper. That led to the decision to have a rather small-sized orchestra, with piano as well as cimbalom, a Hungarian instrument. It brings to me this Eastern and 'film noir' sound and its bounciness underlines well how bold and courageous the members of the organization were. I based many musical themes on rythms and ostinatos to reflect the way those people were always on the move in order not to get caught. Also, some electronic and in particular Moog synth pads and percussions were a perfect match to the many images of the films shot in the 70s about the Red Orchestra and help bringing a modern view on the events."

French composer Eloi Ragot’s best-known work may be his original music for the Netflix TV series The Break that won the Best French-speaking Series Award at the Series Mania Festival 2016. A second season was released on November 2018. Since then, he's worked on Dutch TV-Series Women of the Night (Netflix), Canadian feature film Reservoir as well as the Belgian Sci-Fi series Unseen whose soundtrack has been released by MovieScore Media. Eloi just finished working on another television series entitled The Window, to be released in fall 2021.

Reality Bytes is the first record label in the world that is exclusively devoted to original music from documentaries. It’s a new sub-label to MovieScore Media, a company that released over 500 soundtrack albums since the launch in 2006. With its special knack for identifying up and coming talent, MovieScore Media was the first label to release music by many of the hottest composers in Hollywood today, including Benjamin Wallfisch (the composer of Blade Runner 2049 and It), who had his first MovieScore Media album of seven released in 2006; Daniel Pemberton (the composer of The Man from U.N.C.L.E and Enola Holmes), who had five MovieScore Media albums released before his big Hollywood break; and Pinar Toprak (the composer of Captain Marvel) who had her tender score for The Lightkeepers released by MovieScore Media ten years ago.

Among the many acclaimed albums in the MovieScore Media catalogue are soundtracks for Let the Right One In (Johan Söderqvist), four volumes of TV series Merlin (Rob Lane et al), Centurion (Ilan Eshkeri), A Royal Affair (Cyrille Aufort & Gabriel Yared), Mathilde (Marco Beltrami) and Stalingrad (Angelo Badalamenti). In its ‘Discovery Collection’, MovieScore Media has released world premiere recordings of scores by esteemed composers such as Michael Kamen, Basil Poledouris, Patrick Doyle, David Shire and Dario Marianelli. In 2012, an album released by MovieScore Media’s sub-label Screamworks Records, The Shrine (music by Ryan Shore), was nominated for a Grammy Award in the ‘Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media’ category.

Since 2018, MovieScore Media focuses on album production and digital distribution, and releases its albums in CD format through other partner labels, including Quartet Records, Music Box Records and Kronos Records. Albums are available digitally from all major digital platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and Apple Music. Since 2021, MovieScore Media’s digital releases are distributed exclusively by Symphonic Distribution. 

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